Our company TAMRAF was established on an area of 400 square meters in 1993. The TAMRAF company, which has developed greatly in the following years, today became one of the most important producers in Turkey with its trademark known as TAMRAF .

Our company TAMRAF is located jeddah. Our production meets TSE standards. Our factory is 20,000 square meters at jeddah Dilovası is equipped with the latest technology. Apart from metal production, we also own 6500 m2 of closed wood production facilities at jeddah.

Our company TAMRAF, which has grown rapidly in recent years, has established a whole new factory with a closed area of 25,000 square meters.

The main products we produce are warehouse storage systems, store processing equipment, compact archive systems, and cabines. We produce for supermarkets, construction markets, warehouses, government agencies and many other industries.

TAMRAF offers ready-made project services to our clients by developing multiple solutions for needs. In addition, we care about our customers by service them after sales.

Apart from serving our project, we carry out our sales in internal and external area. We are almost exported to 50 countries under the brand